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Our Approach to Optimizing Your Golf Performance 

Our fitness training programs focus on a variety of strength, flexibility, balance, power, and conditioning activities tailored specifically for golfers of all ages and performance levels.

Assessments and Screenings

We begin with a consultation to understand your objectives, review your health history, and assess your current status. Our aim is to identify any physical limitations that may be affecting the power and accuracy of your golf swing.

Custom golf fitness program

After careful evaluation of your fitness assessment and screenings, we create a tailored golf fitness program that suits your specific golf objectives and physique.

Weekly Trainings

Whether you opt for personalized training or group fitness, you'll receive the motivation and support needed to follow through with your customized training program each week.

Performance Tracking

Regular check-ins are vital to ensure that your workout program evolves alongside your body and golf game, continuing to align with your goals. We consistently monitor your progress and reevaluate your abilities to keep your training dynamic and effective.

Available Golf Fitness Programs

Our commitment is steadfast when it comes to providing outstanding client care, education, and training. Recognizing that the gym can be intimidating, we offer our private studio to facilitate focused interactions. All of our programs include access to our exclusive Restoration Lounge as well as an introduction with in-house Sports Massage Therapist and Certified Nutritionist. 

Studio Training

Small Group Training

Sports Massage


and Screenings
Customized Golf
Fitness Program
Mobility and Strength Training.
Stretching, Foam Rolling, Dynamic Warmups.
Certified Fitness Instructor-Led Trainings
Normatec Dynamic Air Compression Technology, Hypervolt Handheld Percussion and Venom Heat Massage.
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