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Our Philosophy

Golf Fitness Solutions is committed to providing the motivation, education and custom personal training curricula necessary to meet your golf fitness goals. With our guidance and personalized care, your athletic performance will skyrocket.

Our program begins with a comprehensive 1:1 screening to identify physical limitations that may be affecting your golf game. After careful evaluation, we craft a tailored golf fitness program that considers your specific golf objectives and physique. Whether you opt for 1:1 training or group fitness, you'll receive the motivation and support needed to follow through with your fitness goals.

Our training programs include access to our Hyperice Restoration Lounge compete with Normatec Air Compression Technology, Hypervolt Percussion, Venom Heat Massage, premium massage chairs, nutritious snacks and a 70inch flat screen for your ultimate relaxation. Our clients also have the option to book premium sport massages with our on-site Certified Sports Massage Therapist. Our Certified Nutritionist Tona is also available to provide education and custom meal plans in line with healing your specific nutritional needs.

Golf Fitness Solutions has proven successes working with golfers of all ages and performance levels to enhance their posture, alleviate pain, build strength and endurance, and achieve greater distance in their shots.
Our philosophy is quite simple:  Move Better. Feel Better. Play Better.

3 Reasons to Train

Whether you want to improve your golf game, get back to where you used to be, or continue your passion as you age, we're here to help you move better and play better.





A Golf Fitness Solution for Everyone

Our unique programs are designed for teens to octogenarians,
professionals to beginners and everyone in between. 

Studio Training

Individual training catered to those who want privacy,
100% 1:1 attention, tailored fitness curricula and access to our Recovery Lounge.
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Sports Massage

Reduce muscle tension, prevent injury, increase flexibility and optimize performance on-site with our Certified Sports Massage Therapist.
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Small Group Training

Exclusive group training focused on mobility, strength and balance led by certified golf fitness trainers. Includes access to our Recovery Lounge.
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Our Certified Nutritionist tailors a custom food program for those seeking to decrease inflammation and excessive fatigue, and increase kidney/liver function
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Our Happy Clients

Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA


54 Years Old, 4 Handicap
"Since starting work with Adam, I've lowered my handicap from an 11 to a 4.7, added 15 yards to my drive, and lost 10 pounds. And the best part is, I have yet to do a sit-up."
Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA


75 Years Old, 14 Handicap
"When I started with Adam, I was having difficulty swinging the club due to a shoulder injury. Now, I have no pain in that shoulder, I hit the ball 20 yards longer, and I've dropped from an 18 to a 14 handicap."
Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA


43 Years Old, 12 Handicap
“Adam’s training helped me harness my strength and that has allowed me to hit the ball further than I ever thought I could. With the plan he laid out I have knocked off 4 strokes on my index and made golf that much more fun."
Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA


46 Years Old, 22 Handicap
“Adam has been great at motivating me to work out with consistency while still honoring my extremely busy schedule. I’ve noticed a positive impact in my strength, flexibility and energy.  Highly recommend GFS!"
Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA


72 Years Old, 18 Handicap
 “Adam is great for custom training. He works to diagnose you and understand your specific challenges and he brings a great background in physiology as well as mechanics to ensure that he develops a program that will give you a great improvement. I also really enjoy his sense of humor so the workouts go by quicker. Excellent trainer!”
Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA


56 Years Old, 8 Handicap
"I used to need cortisone shots in the right shoulder and haven't even thought about needing it for over a year and a half since working with Adam. I'm hitting the ball further and more consistently and have seen my handicap go down a couple strokes."
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