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Welcome, I'm Adam

Exercise and golf have been two of the most important and influential activities throughout my life. The better I move and feel, the better I play.

I launched Golf Fitness Solutions in 2013 in order to help my fellow golf enthusiasts improve their posture, relieve pain, gain strength and endurance, and hit the ball farther.

I've worked with clients that range from scratch golfers in their teens to 30 handicaps in their 70's, and have had success with everyone in between. I can guarantee you that your athletic performance will improve with our help.
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Training may cause excessive distance, stress relief, reduced pain, added years to your life, increased enjoyment of your game, lower scores, additional skins, more greenies, more trophies, jealous friends, bragging rights and a lower handicap.


TPI Certified
Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Level 1 Certified
TPI Fitness Level 2 Certified
Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Level 2 Certified
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
The American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer Certified
NCCPT Certified
National Council for 
Certified Personal Trainers
National Association of Fitness Certified
National Association of Fitness Certified
NASM Certified
National Academy of Sports Medicine
Golf Fitness Certified
Golf Fitness Solutions - Sacramento, CA
(916) 802-5175
4444 Manzanita Ave, Suite #2
Carmichael, CA 95608

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