Monthly Challenge

We often talk about warming up before a round of golf, but how often do we actually warm up? We want to challenge you to do at least 20 minutes of physical activity prior to any round of golf you play this month. This is especially important in the winter months as the cold weather causes a lot of stiffness. The cold can inhibit our performance on the course and increase the likelihood of injury. You have access to several different warmups on your profile, so open your app and get moving!

Client Appreciation Day

Thank you to everyone who joined us on December 20th for our Client Appreciation Day! Clients enjoyed free chair massages, goodies, and a Christmas present from Golf Fitness Solutions. We hope you're enjoying the holidays and we look forward to helping you move and play better in 2023!


Client Appreciation Day December 2022


Client of the Month

Jonathan Tanihana has been a Golf Fitness Solutions client for several years now. He recently graduated from Sac State and is preparing to play in the Canadian Tour Q-School, coming up early next year. Please help me wish him the best of luck as he starts his pro career!


Client of the Month - Jonathan Tanihana


Partner Spotlight

CryoLab is a state-of-the-art recovery center for everyone - world-class athletes, active adults, and people just looking to manage their daily pain. Their mission is to help athletes maintain their peak performance, and for anyone to live their best life doing what they love pain-free! Services include Cryochamber, Red Light Therapy, Normatech, and more.


Field Trip to CryoLab December 2022


Hydration Reminder

During the colder months of the year, staying hydrated can become an ever-increasing challenge. TPI nutritionist Robert Yang recommends drinking half your body weight in ounces each day. He also recommends adding additional water consumption during physical activities, such as working out and golfing. An easy way to get started is by setting a 24oz glass of water on your nightstand, ready to drink first thing when you wake up. For more information on nutrition, we recommend ordering a copy of Robert's book, Hole in One Nutrition.


Golf Fitness Solutions Sacramento


Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better

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Recommended App

Brain HQ is an app designed to help train your brain. We often forget that our brain is our most important muscle and needs to be exercised. The Titleist Performance Institute recommended this app at Level 3 golf and noted that guys like John Rahm use it regularly. You can find it on Google's and Apple's app stores.

Supplement Closeout

We have a rule at Golf Fitness Solutions - If a product doesn't provide real value to our clients, we won't offer it. That being said, we will be closing out our nutritional supplements. Everything we carry here can be found cheaper through various suppliers that we’re happy to recommend. However, we will continue to offer CBD products and mobility tools from Hyperice as we’re able to offer a better price than can be found elsewhere.

Golf Fitness Solutions Workout Shirts

If you haven’t already, feel free to swing by and grab a couple of shirts. We ordered two for every client!

The Science Behind a Golf Warmup

Check out Ben Langdown's and Jack Wells' article that explains the importance of the golf warm-up, summarizes the difference between static and dynamic stretching, and outlines some great warmup exercises to get you ready for your next round!

Refer a Friend

Every friend you refer to Golf Fitness Solutions who signs up for a group or individual session package earns both you and your referral a free 1-hour massage!

Thank You for an Amazing 2022!

Thank you all for a wonderful year! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!


Great Moments from 2022


Refer a Friend

Starting November 1st, 2022, we will be running a refer-a-friend program. Every friend you refer to Golf Fitness Solutions who ends up joining a group or individual session earns both you and your referral a free 1-hour massage!


Caddying for the United States Blind Golf Championship


Client Cubbies

As some of you may have seen, we created a cubby space for you to store items during sessions. If there are ever any additional amenities that we can offer to improve your training experience, please let us know.

Golf Fitness Solutions App

We are currently in the process of developing an app to make scheduling and rescheduling easier for each of you. Once operational, you will be able to schedule both classes and massage sessions directly from the app!

My TPI App

If you haven’t already done so, please download the MyTPI app on your phone and create a user profile. You should have already received an invite from us with a unique user code. This app is how you can see any homework “assigned” to you. There are also several warm-up routines available that can be used before a workout or a round of golf.


Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better

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Cryotherapy Field Trip

We are in the process of developing a relationship with Cryolab in El Dorado Hills. They have Cryotherapy, Infrared Saunas, Normatech, and several other forms of post-exercise and inflammatory therapy available. We will announce a date shortly, along with a discount code exclusive to Golf Fitness Solutions clients!

Workout Shirts

We just received our GFS workout shirts on Halloween. If you haven’t already, feel free to swing by and grab a couple. We ordered two for each of you.

Golf Trips

Look out for a finalized list of next year's golf trips in our next issue. Edgewood, Harding Park, and Yocha De-He are just a few we have on our list!

Ladies Trip

We just wrapped up our first-ever Golf Fitness Solutions Ladies Trip! I got to chaperone 15 wonderful women as we played 18 at Yocha De He. As always, thanks for the hospitality, Tony Olvera!

And unlike any "guys" trip I’ve done, we actually managed to get all 16 of us in a group photo after our warmup and stretches on the driving range.

Big Congrats to Nancy who had 3 birdies on the front 9. And 3 ladies won the "Beat Adam" contest and each won a massage from our wonderful therapist, Sarah!

If you analyze any win on the PGA tour, and even your own best score, you will find there is always a component of randomness attached to it. What I mean by that is you can prepare and practice all you want, but there will always be a bounce that goes your way, a putt that drops that shouldn’t have, or a sudden collapse by an opponent who seems destined to win. Things happen that you simply cannot control. That's why the best performers prepare for anything and everything.

Switching to another sport to drive home my point, Dan Coyle, author of the best-selling book, “The Talent Code,” tells the story of LeBron James setting an off-season goal to improve his game. James ruthlessly analyzed his weaknesses and set out to build a new skill set that would make him a better teammate. He hired a master coach and became a humble apprentice, breaking down his training sessions in order to learn new scoring moves.

“The biggest thing isn’t how much you work on things, it’s ‘Can you work on something, then implement it into a game situation?’” James says. “Can you bring what you’ve worked on so much and put it out on the floor with the finished product? I was happy that I was able to do that and make that transformation.”

LeBron James | Stuff Happens in Golf

In a nutshell, this is what the best do. You can take the same approach with your own golf game. Hire a coach, break down your weaknesses, then create a plan that focuses on those issues in detail. Spend your practice sessions eliminating your issues and then put your newly acquired skills into practice on the golf course as often as you can. And be sure to get feedback so that you can check your progress.

Check out TPI's article: Stuff Happens in Golf

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